Thursday, January 10, 2008

People say that no other cat breed can be as beautiful as the Russian Blue! They are indeed wonderful cats, which can steal anyone’s heart with their emerald green eyes, silver-tipped fur, refined boning and plushy coats!

These cats have a very strong personality. It is not the owner who chooses to take in a Russian Blue cat, but it is the cat that chooses to accept him! The cat has the final say as to how the relationship develops. If you are lucky enough to win her trust, you will get her full loyalty and love. The cat will treasure you more than anyone in the whole world.

Unlike the other cats which are usually very friendly to people, the Russian Blue kitten is rather shy when meeting a stranger. The little one hides in a safe place, most of the times behind pieces of furniture. From there the kitten can review all the new aspects of her life. The only working strategy at this point is to sit down, quietly dangle a shoelace or move a cat teaser back and forth slowly and wait. The Russian will be unable to ignore the motion and will most certainly try to catch the moving object. This is the first step in establishing a relationship with the cat. From there on, you can hope for a serious relationship with the kitten. Lots of cat toys, as the Russians remain eager to play throughout their lives, no loud music and meals on time are the most successful tools you have for that matter!

The Russian Blue cats are very intelligent, as their most important characteristic is that they always look carefully before leaping. Apart from the fact that the Russian Blue will have gained a large amount of play time from you at your first meeting, he will also have guessed just how interested you are in getting to know him. You have to be totally devoted to him in order for the cat to feel that you are the owner he was looking for!

The Russians never like changes. So, if you decide to take one, then he must be sure that he will stay a long time and be treated as a valued member of your family.

To sum it up, the Russian Blue cats are very intelligent and agile. A person who takes in such a cat must be able to treasure all the qualities the Russians have!

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